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QuadBar™ 4630
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제품 문의

  • 반도체 FAB

  • 반도체 조립

  • LCD 조립

  • BLU

  • HDD

  • 제지

  • PCB

  • 광학

  • 핸드폰 조립

  • 제약

  • 전자

  • 화학

  • 자동차

  • TSP

  • FPD

  • LED

  • Cleaning

  • ATEX
제품 특징

Simco-Ion’s QuadBar 4630 Ionizer is the first corona ionizer to provide safe, effective static charge control in the ambient air inside a process chamber.

 Its unique quadropole configuration ensures effective ionization as close as 3 inches (7.6 cm) from the product. The 4630’s compact size is designed

 to fit easily into the tight confines of any process equipment, and its ability to run on 24 VDC input power means it can connect to a tool’s power source.



ᆞQuadropole configuration with IsoStat® technology
ᆞCompact size
ᆞ24 VAC or 24 VDC operation
ᆞAvailable with single crystal silicon emitter points
ᆞAlarm output to FMS or process tool controller