Special Application Ionizers
4610TF / 4052E Ionizer
4610TF / 4052E
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제품 문의

  • 반도체 FAB

  • 반도체 조립

  • LCD 조립

  • BLU

  • HDD

  • 제지

  • PCB

  • 광학

  • 핸드폰 조립

  • 제약

  • 전자

  • 화학

  • 자동차

  • TSP

  • FPD

  • LED

  • Cleaning

  • ATEX
제품 특징

Simco-Ion’s High Temperature Ionizer Model 4610TF together with the High Temperature Controller Model 4052E, the Model 4610TF ionizer creates a uniquely capable ionization system that can withstand high heat and extreme cold, two challenging environments that cannot support other means of static elimination.



ᆞWithstands temperatures up to 302°F (150°C) and down to -94°F (-70°C)
ᆞIsoStat® technology for intrinsically self balancing ionization
ᆞSmall form factor with large ion output perfect for confined areas
ᆞAvailable with tungsten alloy or single-crystal silicon emitter points (ISO Class 2 compatible)
ᆞUnique ion guides help direct airflow towards the target